Grief Support Resources

Grief Blog by Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT


You have just lost a loved one.  The pain seems unbearable, the sadness seems to breathe for you and you don’t understand how you will be able to move on without them.  As you go through the days, seeing others laugh or enjoy everyday living seems unimaginable.  You often wonder, “Will I ever feel alive again?”  Take heart.  You are in a process called HEALING.

When we lose someone we love, the memories, joyous and painful, will flood over you for some time.  Give yourself permission to FEEL all of the emotions that come with loss, including anger.  Grieving is complex and the way you feel about this new void will be as well.  Some days will be very difficult, perhaps overrun with the thoughts about how they suffered and the occasions they will now miss with you.  Other days, however, will be much smoother.  Your focus may be on the memories that you shared, the laughs that filled a room and the warmth you felt being in their presence.  Allow yourself the opportunity to accept that whichever day of emotion presents itself, you will experience it and give grace to yourself to feel how you feel.

Be gracious with yourself.  That is the gift you give to you during this time of loss and healing.


Every person must cope with loss of a loved on his or her own terms.

The emotional upheaval these trying times can cause is sometimes so overwhelming that even the support of friends and family may not help relieve the amount of sadness and grief you feel.

At Coston Funeral Homes, Inc. we offer the following aftercare grief sessions:

»  Center for Loss & Transition
A leading provider of information and inspiration in the areas of illness and dying, loss and grief, healthy caregiving, life transition, and spirituality.

»  Growth House
An international gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life issues. Hypertext topic pages link to sites around the world. Links to hospice and home care, bereavement, death with dignity, AIDS, and related topics in life-threatening illness.

»  GriefNet
GriefNet is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. They have many email support groups. Their integrated approach to online grief support provides help to people working through loss and grief issues.

»  National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones.